Auto lifts allow technicians to do their job much more efficiently, but they can also lead to serious injury and property damage if precautions aren’t taken. Even if you make sure to purchase a brand new, ALI certified lift, it’s up to the technicians operating the equipment and those performing your Weaverville vehicle lift installation and future repairs to be responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. Many lift accidents that are reported are found to be the result of improper use, but these types of incidents can easily be avoided if facility owners and their employees follow the safety precautions below.

Don’t Allow Employees to Disregard Safety Warnings

When having an auto lift newly installed, it’s critical for all employees to go through extensive training before attempting to handle it, and it’s a good idea to have them take a refresher course now and then. Training should include a comprehensive overview of the safety manuals that come with each individual lift. No matter how many years of experience a technician may have, it never hurts to go over and over the ramifications of errors such as overloading, incorrectly distributing weight, failing to be aware of outdoor wind loads, not accurately positioning the contact points, etc. There is a lot of liability involved in the operation of a vehicle lift, and you must have employees you can trust not to simply disregard the safety warnings.

Stress the Importance of Utilizing Locking Mechanisms

An auto lift shouldn’t be put into use without understanding the importance of utilizing its mechanical locks. Before a technician puts a car onto a lift and initiates its ascension they should be checking to make certain they can see for themselves that the locks are engaged or using a weight gauge to verify the activation of locks. During any vehicle lift installation and subsequent repairs, always double-check that the locking mechanisms are in good working order.

Choose Lift Accessories Wisely

You may come across many different lift options and accessories on the market that claim to enhance the productivity of your equipment, but you must use discretion before adding anything to your lift that could jeopardize its performance and level of safeness. Applying an uncertified accessory can also nullify the certification of your lift since industry standards call for all lighting, rolling pads, lifting jacks, etc. to be certified.

Purchasing a brand new, ALI certified lift, holding your employees accountable and being selective in your lift accessories are important steps towards running a safe and successful business. However, it’s also crucial to continue on the same path by being careful to only hire certified inspectors to carry out your Weaverville auto lift installation, maintenance and repairs.