Air compressors are important and valuable pieces of equipment to have in service stations and automotive repair shops, making it vital that facility owners make sure to care for and maintain them properly. In addition to scheduling periodic professional maintenance services, there are several other tasks that are recommended if you want to keep your machine in tip-top shape. Taking preventative steps will support a higher level of performance and reduce the need for costly repairs in the future.

Get to Know Your Air Compressor

Not all air compressors are designed the same nor do they have the same upkeep requirements. Your equipment will last much longer and function the way it’s supposed to if you take the time to read the material provided by the manufacturer. The manual will be full of useful information regarding the appropriate use, cleaning and other care of your new investment. Sticking to these instructions will also help to ensure that you don’t mistakenly void your warranty.

Watch For Excessive Temperatures

Air compressors are meant to be operated in regulated temperatures so as not to get overheated and cause a fire or explosion. It’s critical to know what is considered to be suitable temperatures for your machine and to be aware of how to control and prevent excessive heat by inspecting water jackets and cleaning heat exchangers on a consistent basis.

Clean and Replace Filters

Dirty air filters reduce the productivity of an air compressor, causing it to work harder and shortening its lifespan. It also begins to wear down the device when dirt and dust is allowed to accumulate within, and then you’ll have to worry about its inner workings becoming polluted.

Don’t Allow Moisture Buildup

If moisture begins to build up in your compressor, there’s a good chance it won’t be able to work as well as it should. Even if your equipment has a drain feature, it’s a good idea to make sure yourself that it’s draining thoroughly and getting rid of all leftover condensation and contaminants in the system.

Keep Fasteners Tightened

Air compressors are a moving, vibrating machine, and the more one is used, the more the fasteners that are supposed to keep it held together will start to loosen. If neglected, you may find important nuts, bolts and screws coming completely off over time, so the best practice is to check up on and tighten these components every once in awhile before too much time goes by.

Your customers and technicians expect to be able to count on safe and efficiently operating air compressors whenever they need them. Avoid expensive downtime and repairs by following the maintenance tips above.