Obtaining all the right equipment is one of the most critical steps necessary for operating a successful service station or automotive shop. Without efficient and reliable tools you won’t be able to provide the services and repairs that your customers expect to receive when they come to your facility. Automobile lifts are among the most important kind of equipment needed, but making sure you invest in just the right one for your particular business takes careful thought. There are many elements to consider before making your final purchase.

Brand New vs. Pre-Owned

Cost is always a major factor when it comes to any part of running a business, and it’s no different when looking to buy an automobile lift. Some service station and auto shop owners make the mistake of trying to save money by acquiring used vehicle lifts instead of investing in new ones, which greatly increases the risk of ending up with unsafe and poorly maintained equipment. It’s also important to consider the lack of a warranty when purchasing a used lift. The smartest idea is to shop around for a deal that won’t make you compromise safety or budget.

Manufacturer Reputation

A manufacturer’s reputation will give you a good indication of what you can expect in regards to their product’s durability, longevity and safety. Finding a company with a solid reputation for designing and producing trustworthy automobile lifts should weigh heavily on your decision. Manufacturers who build positive customer relationships through exceptional customer service and support is also significant for this particular type of purchase. The less downtime your facility has to experience when you have a problem, the better.

ALI Certification

It’s always good to search for a car lift that is proven to be ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) certified. This means it has been properly and thoroughly tested for safety and met specific standards. It isn’t all that simple to find lifts with ALI certification, but it should be something you keep in mind and give preference to when you are able to locate one.

Type of Lift

There are numerous types of automobile lifts that you’ll come across on your hunt for the one that will be most suitable for your business. The kind of services and repairs your facility offers, your frequency of use and the particular style of motor vehicles that you work on will help determine the lift model you’ll need.

Garage Dimensions and Specifications

Of course, whichever lift you decide on must actually be able to fit within the space allotted. Don’t neglect to measure the area you intend to have the vehicle lift installed in to ensure ample room to work efficiently. You’ll need to bear in mind a few things such as the lift’s width, base size and rise.

When investing in such valuable equipment for your service station or automotive shop, choose to work with a company that has extensive knowledge about automobile lifts and can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect fit for your facility.