In order for you to offer your clients the highest quality and service in the industry, we offer you the finest shop equipment on the market. With unparalleled vehicle lift, fluid control, lubrication and air compressor equipment, you will have the ability to give your customers the best service in town! And, as always, we will partner with you to find the right equipment to fit your needs and customer base and continue to work with you throughout the life of your business.

We offer both asymmetric and symmetric lifts – a description of each style is listed below. All lifts are created to adapt to almost any type of vehicle.

Symmetric lifts center the vehicle front to back in the bay. Columns are based directly across from and facing each other. This style of lift has more drive-through clearance. The center of gravity of the vehicle and the lift are aligned, equalizing the load throughout the lift. This lift is best suited for commercial vehicles, trucks and vans and has a capacity of 10,000 to 18,000 pounds.

Asymmetric lifts center the vehicle to the rear of the columns. On a true asymmetrical lift, the columns are rotated, while the front and back arms are different lengths. This allows for interior vehicle access. The rotation aligns the center of gravity of the vehicle with the lift, equalizing the load. This lift is best suited for cars, small trucks and other, non-commercial vehicles and has a capacity of 7,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Equipment for your Car Garage


  • Vehicles Lifts – Rotary & Revolution
  • Fluid Control Systems – Graco
  • Lubrication Equipment – Graco
  • Air Compressors – Atlas Copco & Champion

Asymmetric Lift vs Symmetric Lift

Rotary Setting: The Standard for 2 Post Lifts